Eurocircuits prototype services

Eurocircuits PCB services

1. FR-4 (standard base material) pooling services

a. NAKED protobasic prototype pooling service. Quick & dirty.

b. PCB protodedicated prototype pooling service.

c. STANDARD poolwidest range of pooled and non pooled options up to 16 layers

d. BINDI poolEurocircuits” Asian alternative with European assured quality.

2. Special base material pooling services

a. RF poolIsola I-TERA and Rogers 4000 series materials

b. SEMI-FLEX poolflex-to-install flex-rigid pooling service.

c. IMS pool – Insulated Metal Substrate PCBs

3. Useful information to prepare for your order

a. Download the current Eurocircuits design guidelines

b. Download our current PCB classification table

c. Explore the Eurocircuits guidelines to make panels

d. Download DRU files (Design rules) for CadSoft EAGLE users

e. Download the eC-ULP for EAGLE – start the calculation of your PCB price from within EAGLE

f. Download templates (EC design rules) for Altium designer users

g. User guide to Calculate and order with our smart PCB Calculator

4. Interesting information for electronics engineers

a. What do PCB fabricators do with your data before they make your PCB”s White paper

b. The PCB production process explained with short movies

i. Step 01 – Introduction

ii. Step 02 – Front-end tool data preparation

iii. Step 03 – Preparing the phototools

iv. Step 04 – Print inner layers

v. Step 05 – Etch inner layers

vi. Step 06 – Register punch and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

vii. Step 07 – Lay-up and bond

viii. Step 08 – Drilling the PCB

ix. Step 09 – Electroless copper distribution

x. Step 10 – Image the outer layers

xi. Step 11 – Plating

xii. Step 12 – Etch outer layers

xiii. Step 13 – Apply soldermask

xiv. Step 14 – RoHS-compliant surface finishes – electroless gold over nickel

xv. Step 15 – Plated gold edge connectors

xvi. Step 16 – Silk screen and cure

xvii. Step 17 – Profiling

xviii. Step 18 – Electrical test

xix. Step 19 – Final inspection

c. Our BLOG discusses many technical issues as well as informal information

d. Technology projects

i. Matrix copper plating

ii. blog – Elsyca Intellitool Matrix plating project

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