These Guidelines set out best practice to reduce the cost of your boards and to minimize the risk of errors arising during manufacture. Not all possible PCB design features are available on all our services. Look on our services overview to see more details. On some specific features we highlight the availability in a particular service.
The world is divided into a part that works with the Metric system and a part that works with the Imperial system for defining measurements. The “μm” is 25.4 times smaller than the “Mil”. Dimensions for electronics are getting smaller all the time. To ensure the highest quality possible, we decided many years ago to work exclusively in the Metric system in our front end department. Therefore the basis of all measurements given in this document and on our website is the Metric system. Imperial values are shown for clarification and general understanding only.
There is no general consensus throughout the global PCB industry on terminology, so if we feel any term we use may be unclear we have tried to explain it when it first appears.

What you can expect in this document is :

Instructions for making a correct PCB panel according to standard Eurocircuits rules
Instructions for making a correct PCB panel according to your own panel plan

Tips for designing and ordering PCB panels

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