• Mechanical stability and strength
    • The panel should be constructed in such a way that it can survive all the handling processes during PCB production, transport and the final PCB assembly without breaking apart.
  • Manufacturability and ease of Assembly
    • Avoid panels that are hard or impossible to produce ( take care of even copper distribution) or which creates extra problems during assembly.

Tips and advise to create stable panels.

  • Panels with break-routing as board-separation method
    • Here the panel border is the most important feature to create mechanical stability
    • A break-routed panel without a panel border will break-up into parts very easy during handling and is therefor not advised.
    • Panel without border-weak and breakable

      Panel without border-weak and breakable

    • We recommend the use of a minimum panel border of 5.00 mm base material
    • Remember the 2.00 mm between the edge of the panel and the edge of the circuit for the cutter path, so the total recommended minimum border is 7.00 mm.
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