Our Quality Process explained:

When we receive your claim (in writing) of issues with your delivered PCB(s), it will assessed by our quality team who may then contact you for further information.

Please complete the form below to submit a claim.

We may arrange for a collection of the PCB(s) so they can be returned to our manufacturing facility for further investigation. We will send an email to your contact person with details on the collection together with the shipping labels.

Please do not forget to confirm that the collection date is acceptable, this can be done by return email.

Once we have received the PCB(s), we will investigate the issue and repair (if possible) based on your description of the issue and return them to you as quickly as possible.

All our repair work is completed in-house. Eurocircuits will not be responsible for any charges for repairs or rework completed by customers or third-parties without prior mutual agreement.

  • Please submit one form per Eurocircuits order number.