Supply only ASCII-encoded files. These files are man-readable so that our engineers can check them if needed during data preparation. We cannot accept formats such as EIA or EBCDIC.

CAD Design data.

We do accept CADSOFT Eagle .brd.files. ( use the Eurocircuits Eagle DRU files )

  • Submitted .brd files will be converted in gerberformat automatically using a script. The script supposes that the drawing was made
    using the layers as described in the manual.
  • Which layer in Eagle is used to create which Gerber layer is described in the .brd to Gerber conversion guidelines

Other CAD PCB design data are not accepted because:

  • converting CAD data into production data may lead to errors which we cannot cross-check.
  • It is impossible to have legal copies of every CAD PCB design package in the market, and to have the necessary knowledge to use them all correctly. As designers do not all use the same software version of a package we would need to have a whole range of update patches as well.
  • Gerber is clear and unambiguous. It has been the industry-standard format for PCB manufacture for many years. Nearly every PCB design package can output Gerber data and the process will be fully described in your CAD PCB design package handbook or help-files.
  • You can check the accuracy of the Gerber output data by downloadiing one of the many free Gerber viewers available on the internet. We recommend ( and use ) the freeware viewer “ PCB-Preview” from Graphicode.

Remark for our PCB proto pooling service : For reasons of automated analysis the PCB proto service only accepts Extended Gerber (RS-274X)or Cadsoft Eagle .brd files as input data.

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