There are now only 4 services, each defined by their base materialFour services defined by their base material

  • PCB proto and STANDARD pool on FR4,
  • RF pool on Isola IS680 and Rogers 4000 series
  • IMS pool on aluminium-backed material.

1. PCB proto offers

  • 5 off 2 or 4 layer boards as well as 1 or 2

2. STANDARD pool

  • now includes poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu.
  • STANDARD pool minimum specifications have changed: smallest track width, minimum gap, smallest hole size, minimum annular ring.  Former TECH pool specifications are now available in STANDARD pool.
  • non-poolable options are priced as whole production panels (as this is how we have to make them).  If you select a non-poolable option, you will be alerted by the coin icon. Most former On demand options are now available for direct online calculation in STANDARD pool.

3.  RF pool

  • includes poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu.  See here for the full range of options.
  • pooling base material is Isola IS680 offering good RF performance at lower cost.

4.  IMS pool.

  • includes poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu.  See here for the full range of options


1.  Two routes to get a price and place an order:Two routes to quote your board

  • Calculate your price prior to data upload
  • Analyse your data prior to pricing.  Our calculation program is integrated in PCB Visualizer now ( PCB Configurator module)

2.  New price matrix output

  • system automatically presents different quantities on the same delivery and on faster delivery – so you can see best price/quantity/delivery options
  • add your own matrix by clicking Customized matrix.

3.  New smart menus

  • warn when you pick a non-poolable option by the two coin icon
  • check that the options chosen are manufacturable.  If not the system gives a clear warning and explanation, for example that 0.1 mm tracks and gaps are not compatible with 35 micron copper foil.
  • advise cost options which increase price using the one coin icon
  • to see the details: hover mouse over the coin symbol.


  • bare-board test now automatic on all jobs except single-sided (option)Selected options - price effect
  • second legend at no extra cost
  • panel separation: break-routing and V-cut both free of charge
  • panels delivered without X-out is a free option
  • STANDARD pool has reduced minimum spacing/annular ring options and includes all options of the previous TECH pool service at much lower costs.
  • shorter standard delivery terms
    • orders up to 50 dm² -> 7WD
    • orders up to 300 dm² -> 10WD
    • orders up to 1.000 dm² -> 15WD

Calculate prices prior to data upload

The menus have been simplified so that all options are now available on 1 page.  Functions that have changed are:

  • Delivery format.  Open box to select panel options.
  • eC-registration compatible.  Tick to order eC-compatible tooling holes in the PCB and eC-compatible stencils.  Single circuits will automatically be panelised 1-up prior to manufacture.  There is no need for you to do this.  The correct tooling holes will be added in the border of all panels.
  • Select classification.  Enter your design values to see the pattern and drill class foryour board.  Wizard checks the design values against the copper foil thickness.  Click the column to the right of the red values to select the classes and Apply.
  • Holes <= may be reduced.  Under IPC rules via holes have no negative tolerance. To reduce the number of drill changes and so cut the cost of the PCB, we drill vias at the optimum size for each production panel.  Sometimes small holes 0.45 mm or less are not via holes but component holes which do have a negative tolerance.  This option allows you to specify if there are such holes on your board.
  • Select buildup. The Board Buildup wizard shows the different eC-predefined buildups including copper weights for each number of layers.  The coin symbol shows which options add to the cost (single coin)  or are non-poolable (double coin).

Get an online offer or place an order

  • Check the prices of different quantities or deliveries in the matrix.  Click Customised matrix to add your own options.
  • select transport option. More
  • to see whether VAT is applicable, click here
  • click “Add to basket”
  • run PCB Visualizer if you want to check the data at this stage.  Use PCB Configurator to change order details (see below).
  • to get an offer, select the item in the shopping basket and click “Generate PDF offer”
  • to place an order, select the item in the shopping basket and click “Proceed to checkout”.  If you don’t want to check the data, you can proceed to checkout even if the PCB Visualizer status is still “Processing”.

Analyse your data prior to pricing

Use PCB Configurator to calculate the production parameters of your job prior to pricing

  • select “Analyse data” option in Service overview
  • fill in the job details in the next menu and press Continue.  PCB Visualizer will analyse the data.
  • go to Shopping basket and select the job.
  • open PCB Visualizer to check the data.  Use PCB Checker to pinpoint any issues.  If you decide to change your data, open PCB Configurator, click Ignore all, then Modify basket.  Attach the corrected data file in the next menu and click Continue.  PCB Visualizer will recheck the data and you can proceed.
  • if the data is good open PCB Configurator.  The same Price calculator menu as above appears but PCB Configurator has filled in the values of process parameters. measured.  Note that PCB Visualizer/Configurator analyse the Gerber files only. Features like slots and cut-outs, customer special tolerances etc. defined in mechanical layers and drawings should be entered manually at this stage.
  • enter other production requirements and select the most suitable combination of quantity, delivery and price as above.
  • click “Modify basket” to update the job details.
  • get offer or place order as above.

Ask for a quotation

Use “Ask quotation” ( this is the functionality of our former “On demand” service)Ask for a quotation

  • 1. if you don’t want to make any calculations yourself
  • 2. if you want our engineers to do a full manufacturability analysis on your job
  • 3. if at any stage in the price calculation process you are uncertain how to proceed.

You can get a quotation with data upload or without.


  • enter into the Calculate and order menu any information that is not included in the Gerber data or in drawings or README files in the dataset.  If you want a price without providing data then you must provide full information.
  • click on Ask Quotation
  • in the next menu enter the board name and other administrative details, plus quantities and deliveries required
  • for a full data analysis and confirmed quotation attach the board data
  • click Continue and the board will go into your basket with status Awaiting quotation.
  • our engineers will analyse the data and we will send you a quotation and a copy of the engineer’s manufacturability analysis (if raised).  The job will go back into your basket with status Ready for checkout.

More information is availiabe in our guide to the Eurocircuits PCB Calculator