Guidelines for customers that design and upload their own panel data

For this option you select “Customer panel by the customer

Tips for designing and ordering panels.

Mechanical stability and strength
Manufacturability and ease of Assembly

How to panelise small PCB”s

Don”t put to many small PCB”s in a panel.
Add extra material between the PCB”s to increase overall mechanical stability

How to panelise round shaped PCB”s

We recommend using a minimum of 10.00 mm clearance between round shaped PCB”s
A minimum of 4 break-out routing tabs will be added at 45°angles

Guidelines for copper distribution on panels.

Make sure that your panels have an even copper distribution on each layer and between different layers. If needed add extra copper patterns inside the circuits, in between the PCB”s or in the panelborder…

Panel instructions – V-cut basics.

The minimum distance between any two V-cut lines is 5.00 mm
V-cut is always over the complete length of the panel…