Legend or silkscreen or component identification, all terms that are used for the text layers we call Legend and place on top of the solder mask layers when requested by our customer in the order details and supplied in the PCB data.
Line art and text may be printed onto the outer surfaces of a PCB usually by Liquid Photo Image able ink but we use digital printing solutions instead. In some cases direct screen printing of the image is still used.

Look here to see the our machines at work to apply the legend.


  • Legend must be readable and legible.
  • No more than 25 micron overlap on HMT-pads.
  • No overlap on SMT-pads
  • Line width : min 0,10 mm (4mil).
  • Broken against soldermask.
  • PCB-borders are deleted in the legend

See our design guide lines page 17.

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