For this option you select ‘Panel prepared by Customer, according to customer specific panel rules’.

Panel by customer


  • The boards will be separated in the panel by Breakrouting, or by V-cut.
  • The selection ‘No’ means no separation at all, so the whole panel is delivered as one pcb, with only the outer contour of the panel milled or V-cut
    Selecting Break-rout or V-cut can be set per direction ( so can be break-rout in one direction and V-cut in the other direction.)
  • The maximum panel size is 250 x 350 mm.
  • Important for V-cut
    • For V-cut ( or scoring) the minimum panel size is 100 x 100 mm
    • V-cut is always over the full length of the panel ( no jump-scoring)
    • Min. V-cut clearance : 0.45 mm
    • We recommend that u let us set the panel ourselves (option ‘ Panelised by Eurocircuits’) in case of V-cut as we know better the capabilities and restrictions of our equipment.
  • Panel borders
    • To make a stable panel we propose a minimum border of 2 x 5 mm in X and Y
    • If the panel is break-routed add an extra 2 mm for the milling tool between the edge of the panel and the edge of the circuit – so that the total minimum border becomes 7 mm.
    • Panels drawn without a border can be rejected when we expect the panel stability to be insufficient.
    • For panels with break-routing we always recommend to have a minimum panel border of 5.00 mm to give the panel good mechanical stability.
  • Clearance between PCB’s
    • The minimum ( and standard)  clearance between PCB’s for break-routing is 2.00 mm. Any larger value is OK.
    • In case of V-cut there is no clearance between the PCB’s – however take care of the V-cut clearance
    • The minimum distance beween any two V-cut lines is 5.00 mm.
    • In case of V-cut (scoring) note that all lay-out elements and holes must be at least 0.45 mm away from the edge of the board. (picture left)
    • V-cut clearance and routing tabs
      • The V-cut-line and break-rout path are pictured light blue, the break-tabs dark blue
    • Break-rout tabs ( picture right) will be defined by our engineers to ensure a stable panel.
    • Break-rout tabs will be drilled to break inside the board profile for a cllean break-out.

Practical example

  • Panel example before routing

    Panel example before routing

  • Panel example after routing

    Panel example after routing

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