Eurocircuits’ PCB manufacturing capabilities

Can I get a Certificate of Conformity?

For every PCB/Panel manufactured by Eurocircuits generate a PCB Passport, this details the materials, Production steps and Test Results etc.

More information can be found by following the link below:

How do we assure the quality of your PCB?

What approvals does Eurocircuits hold?

Please follow the link below to see the Quality Labels held for each facility.

Quality Labels

Can I order plated holes on board edge, round-edge plating etc. How do I define them?

Eurocircuits does offer these services, we recommend that you read our Blog on this topic by following the link below:

Copper and the board edge

Can Eurocircuits manufacture flexible PCBs?

Eurocircuits offers SEMI-Flex Production, please follow the link below for more information:

SEMI-Flex pool

Can Eurocircuits manufacture blind/buried vias? How do I order them?

Eurocircuits are able to manufacture Blind and Buried Via’s, however, we suggest you read our technical articles and Blog before adding these to your PCB layout, follow the links below:

Blog – Blind and buried Via’s

Technical Article – Blind and buried Via

What are available materials, board thicknesses, copper thicknesses, surface finishes?

Please follow the link below for our non-BINDI Pool production:

Technical Specifications of all Eurocircuits Prototype & small volume

Please follow the link below for our BINDI Pool production

Technical Specifications of BINDI pool