How do I get a price? Do I have to register as a user?

On our web site home page, in the right upper corner you will find 2 option to calculate a price.

  1. FAST price will calculate you a rough idea of price for any quantity of boards, based on standard FR-4 base material and standard PCB technology.
  2. PCB Calculator will take you to the service selection page where you can find all possible services and specific calculators. Help in making your choice here.

You can make all calculations you want and take benefit of our smart calculator who will validate all chosen technical options for you. So no need to study all our capabilities first, our smart calculator will prevent you from making mistakes.

It is only from the moment that you wish to save your calculation in the shopping basket that you will be asked to login or give your details for registering.

From that moment on you can also profit from our PCB Visualizer and have the software analyse your data (DRC/DFM). Just attach your PCB data to the calculation after login and before you save it to the basket.