Ho do I upload new data to resolve an issue?

There are two cases that might require new PCB data to be uploaded or sent:

  • The order is in “exception overview”. You can upload a new dataset via “view details” and using the button “modify”.
    The instructions are also given in the exception document which you can download to review all data issues.
  • The order is in “preproduction approval”.  You can only solve the data issues by delivering a new PCB dataset thus you must reject the Eurocircuits proposed solution. Proceed as follows:
    • Reject the approval and explain in the message that you will send new data and why. Then send us the data right away and we will upload them for you.
    • Need more time to redesign? Then we will move the order to “exception overview”. From there you can change many parameters and upload a new PCB dataset when ready. The delivery term will be recalculated as soon as the modification and data upload is done.

See also: what happens if there is a problem with my data?