Can I verify the production data before Eurocircuits starts manufacturing?

Pre-production approval – a customer request for reassurance

Not sure about your artwork or how our engineers will interpret it? Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognise. Or you may be worried that your first layout is not quite right. Whatever your concern, we can give you the reassurance you need. Set up an approval step for the production-ready data for your board just before it goes into physical manufacture. As soon as our engineers have completed their checks, we will send you an e-mail to advise you that the production files are ready and waiting for your approval.

To set up a pre-production approval: go to “running orders” in your account and select a “request pre-production approval”. You can do this for every order in your running order list that has not yet reached the status “panelise” (from status panelise on it’s too late).

The order will now also be listed under “pre-production approval overview” in the main menu (left column) in your account. The item is still in analysis, so not yet ready to verify the data.

After preparation, the production-ready job goes into the customer’s pre-production approval (PPA) folder – “items ready for your approval”. You will receive our e-mail and need only 1 click to send the job on for manufacture. How?

  • Go to “preproduction approval” – the status of your order is “waiting for your approval”.
  • Click the orange button “review for approval
    • Have a closer look in PCB Visualizer: our production data of your PCB or customer panel is displayed on your screen (especially check technical options like internal milling, customer panel layout and other specifics).
  • Then you decide to “approve” or “reject”:
      • If approved, the order will be moved directly to our production panel section, no changes are possible after that.
      • If rejected, do the following of two options
        • write clearly why in the comments section and our people will receive your message and will check how to proceed next
        • or upload a new data set after which your order is processed further through the exception flow