Can I change the Order Quantity? Change the delivery date? Cancel my order? Upload new data?

This depends of the status of your order.

If the preparation of the data is already finished or if the order is in production, no changes are possible anymore.

The fastest way to make the modification is through your online account:

  • Go to your “running order” list.
  • Select the order by checking the box on the left.
  • Click the black button “modify order” on top of the page (Important tip: don’t do this by clicking on the PCB Visualizer, no changes can be saved via PCB Visualizer for a running order !).
  • The system will tell you if the order can still be modified.
  • If possible (after clicking on “modify specifications”) this order will automatically be “cancelled” and will be placed back in your shopping basket. (Important: the order is not processing anymore)
  • In your shopping basket, you can then modify the order details, delivery term and/or upload a new dataset using PCB Visualizer if you like
  • Check out the item again to re-order and verify if it re-appears now in your list of “running orders”. If it does, it will have a new order number and you will be sure it is back in process.