Transport costs are calculated per package. When you get a price or place an order the shipping costs are always shown separately, calculated on the basis that 1 order is 1 package.

If we deliver several orders together, we calculate transport costs based on the weight of the actual package sent. If you have placed different orders with the same delivery date, then we will try to group them into a single shipment to reduce the transport costs.

However, given the number of shipments we make every day and the complexity of our operations we cannot guarantee this, and it is difficult to meet customers’ individual delivery instructions.

Once the package has been dispatched you can follow it up via:
UPS : visit
On the delivery note (which you can find on the website) you can find the name of the courier used and the tracking number. We dispatch urgent deliveries directly from our factories in Hungary and Germany. In these cases the tracking number does not appear on the delivery note, but you can ask for it using the Q&A function on the website.