Here at Eurocircuits we constantly aspire to lead the market and surpass our customer expectations by offering the ultimate electronics service.

We now most offer resistors and capacitors for free!!!

After importing your BOM, we crosscheck your selected manufacturers part number for every resistor or capacitor line against our equivalent generic alternative list.

If we are able to find a match then we offer most of these parts for free!!

That’s right Free, no strings attached!!

When you select our assembly service in the PCB visualiser.

You can then upload your BOM to the PCBA visualiser:

After the import stage, where we find a generic component equivalent, we automatically select this component to replace the component in your BOM.

You can identify these component replacements with the component lines with Blue check marks.

For resistors and capacitors, you can see in the summary that these components are marked as “free”.

What is the benefit to you?

What could be better than “free” components? Well, firstly we keep reels of the components on stock, therefore guaranteed availability.

Being reeled components means automatically pick and placed = higher accuracy and faster production. In addition components are stored in optimal conditions this reduces the possibility of oxidation affecting solderability and quality.

But why do we do we offer most of these components for free?

Nobody does anything for free and this is the case here, the benefits for us is huge.

  • We source larger volumes and therefore obtain a better purchasing price.
  • We only purchase occasionally rather than investing time for every order identifying and sourcing.
  • Always available, this means that once we receive the completed bare PCB we are not waiting for component deliveries, production can commence during the next available production slot.
  • Components can then be loaded and placed to our Pick and place machine, this means higher accuracy and faster placements, this mean higher throughput and yield on our side.

Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise and benefit?

If you do not wish to benefit from this option then we can still use your original manufacturers part number and place the individual orders but you will be charge for the “non” generic components at the normal component price.

To switch off free components then in the PCB visualizer you should select the option.

Other changes to our assembly service, where a none E24 standard value is identified for a generic replacement we will round up or down the value to the nearest compatible E24 generic value.

We now apply a 20% component price surcharge to components supplied by customer, we have applied this policy to resolve the additional costs incurred for component handling, this price is automatically calculated and can be found in the component line in the summary tab.

We have also explained in greater detail how the PCBA Services work in our PCBA Visualizer & Services section on the website.

Should you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to get in touch via email, telephone or instantly with our online chat online chat during office hours. We will be more than happy to help.