Eurocircuits preferred input format is still Gerber (RS-274X).Nowadays we also offer the possibility to upload Eagle CAD data (.BRD files) which we convert internally to Gerber before starting the normal flow.

Be advised that this conversion is automated and based on the Eagle layer names and functions.In case you have
designed the board while respecting the normal Eagle layers , the conversion should lead to a correct printed circuit
board. In case you have used layers for other functions then the ones prescribed in the Eagle manual, the conversion
could lead to a non-functional board.

Layer conversion rules – syntax:

Layer function (.file extension) consists of Eagle layer(s) : Eagle layer number & function + ….
Solder stop Component side (.STC) = 20 Dimension layer + 29 tStop laye
Silkscreen Component side (.PLC) = 20 Dimension layer + 21 tPlace layer + 25 tNames layer
Componentside (.CMP) = 1 Top layer + 17 Pads layer + 18 Vias layer + 20 Dimension layer
Inner layers (.Lox) = x Inner layer + 17 Pads layer + 18 Vias layer + 20 Dimension layer
Solderside (.SOL) = 16 Bot layer + 17 Pads layer + 18 Vias layer + 20 Dimension layer
Solder stop Solder side (.STS) = 30 bStop layer + 20 Dimension layer
Silkscreen Solder side (.PLS) = 22 bPlace layer + 26 bNames layer + 20 Dimension layer
Milling (.MILING) = 46 Milling layer + 47 Measures layer + 20 Dimension Layer
Excellon drill (.DRD) = 44 Drills layer + 45 Holes laye
Cream frame Componentside(.PMC) =31 tCream layer + 20 Dimension layer
Cream frame Solderside (.PMS) = 32 bCream layer + 20 Dimension layer

The conversion is fully automated because of this Eurocircuits cannot take any customer specific requests into consideration.

If the above rules don’t suit your needs,simply convert the .BRD project yourself into Gerber and supply the set of gerberfiles for further processing.

Generate Gerber and Excellon files in Eagle

Generating Gerber- en Excellon files in Eagle is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the CAM Processor
  2. Select under File -> Open for Job
  3. In the window that now opens you select the correct .cam-file, in this case (in the Eagle subdirectory cam).
    For a 4-layer PCB select
  4. The job opens itself in the CAM processor window. . In the right-hand panel the necessary items are already selected.
    You do not need to do anything here.
  5. Activate in every(!) layer the Dimension by clicking on it. This shows the outline of the PCB.
    The tick box next to Mirror needs to be un-ticked each time.
  6. The final step is carrying out the job. This is simply done by clicking the button Process Job
  7. The CAM Processor places the Gerber files in the folder of your opened project.
    There are quite a few files there (six for a two-layer board).
  8. To create an Excellon filethat contains the information for drilling the holes, you select the file when opening the .cam-file (steps 2 and 3).
    You then click process job and the Excellon file will be generated.
  9. You now simply combine all these files into a single zip file and upload it via the Eurocircuits website.

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