Use “Ask quotation”

  1. if you don’t want to make any calculations yourself
  2. if you want our engineers to do a full manufacturability analysis on your job
  3. if you require a special build or other feature not listed in the Price calculator menu
  4. if at any stage in the price calculation process you are uncertain how to proceed.

You can get a quotation with data upload or without.

Ask for a quotation


  • enter into the Calculate and order menu any information that is not included in the Gerber data or in drawings or README files in the dataset.  If you want a price without providing data then you must provide full information.
  • click on Ask Quotation
  • in the next menu enter the board name and other administrative details, plus quantities and deliveries required
  • for a full data analysis and confirmed quotation attach the board data
  • click Continue and the board will go into your basket with status Awaiting quotation.
  • our engineers will analyse the data and we will send you a quotation and a copy of the engineer’s manufacturability analysis (if raised).  The job will go back into your basket with status Ready for checkout.


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